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Buying a home? We’ll help you secure the best home loan rate from all the major banks at no additional cost to you!
We aggregate through EVO, a member of the OOBA group. We’ve placed over R 2 billion in business over the past 10 years!
Buy, build or renovate without all the red tape and hassle associated with bond finance - talk to Swift Bonds today!
Let us secure the best deal from ABSA, Standard Bank, FNB, Nedbank, RMB, Investec, Mercantile Bank and Ithala Bank.


We take the hassle and red tape out of bond finance. We have a wealth of home loan experience and excellent knowledge of the bank’s lending criteria. It is not only our job but our pleasure to guide you through the process and to assist you in obtaining the best possible mortgage deal and home loan rate from across all the major banks at no cost to you.

Ordinary home loans

An Ordinary Home Loan can be used to finance the purchase of an existing or new residential property or to make significant structural improvements to your existing home.

Building bonds (plot and plan)

A Building Loan enables you to build a new home or carry out renovations on an existing property. A retention becomes applicable on the loan amount and the funds are advanced to the borrower in stages/progress payments during the construction period of the dwelling and improvements. Once the home is built, the Building Loan reverts to a normal Home Loan.

Further loans – further advance

You could increase your current home loan by taking up a Further Advance. You can apply to increase your loan by the difference between the original loan granted and the current value of your home. You will need to register a further bond with a Further Advance, which means there will be some attorney and bond registrations costs.

Further loans – re-advance

A Re-advance will allow you to take up the difference between the outstanding balance on your home loan and the original loan amount granted. With a Re Advance you do not need to register another bond and there are no attorney fees. The available amount is subject to credit approval and lending rules.

First-time buyers

A first time buyer is where a prospective client has not owned any property and is entering the home loan market for the first time to buy, build, or rebuild. If married, the spouse must also meet this no-ownership requirement.

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