How to Apply for a Bond

Applying for a bond through Swift Bonds is a simple and straightforward process: first we pre-approve you (based on your financial profile and credit history) and then we advise what amount you qualify for and you can purchase a property by signing an offer to purchase. We then submit your bond application, together with all supporting documentation, to all the major banks.

With a wealth of experience in the home loan industry, as well as keen insights into the banks’ lending criteria, we ensure that all the necessary documentation is completed accurately and efficiently to ensure a smooth process and a speedy reply.

The bond application process

What the process entails:
  • Contact us via telephone, e-mail or SMS to begin your application process
  • Provide us with necessary documentation
  • We’ll do the necessary checks and then give you a pre-qualification based on your specific circumstances
  • You can use your pre-qualification to sign an offer to purchase on a property
  • We then submit your bond application to as many banks as possible
  • On receipt of their responses, we negotiate the best rate for you

How to ensure a smooth application process:
  • Be as transparent as possible about your financial profile
  • Be punctual in providing all the documentation as requested
  • Ensure that you understand the process and we are here to help you every step of the way

How long will it take?
  • We provide bond pre-qualifications within 3 days of receiving the necessary documentation
  • Bond applications are typically concluded within 5 working days, but may take 3 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the situation

The approval of your bond application, the setting of the bond amount and interest rate are subject to the discretion of the banks’ credit managers at the time of application.

Why get pre-qualified for a home loan?
Once you have been pre-qualified, you will receive a pre-qualification indicating the amount that you qualify for – subject to final approval of the bank. Your pre-qualification makes house-hunting a lot easier as you will:

  • know the range within which your new home should fall,
  • be able to share this with your estate agent as a means to helping identify properties within your range,
  • enjoy greater co-operation from estate agents and sellers for whom the showing of homes may be a time-consuming process,
  • be in a stronger position to negotiate with potential sellers as you will already know what you can afford.
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